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Rey Bustos artistic anatomist and educator

"Anatomy For Sculptors for me is the best anatomy book that has come around in a while. As an educator specializing in anatomy for artists I can honestly say that it is now on my very short list of best anatomy books anywhere. I must add though that the title should be "Anatomy for ANY artist". This is a must have for all artists."

Louis Henry Mitchell

"I am the Creative director of Character Design for Sesame Street. I am also a teacher of art and I wanted to express my gratitude and amazement at your accomplishment with your book "Anatomy For Sculptors". Any student of anatomy would benefit from that brilliant work!! I am a sculptor but I primarily draw and your book is second only to "Artistic Anatomy""
- Dr. Paul Richer.

Ben Knap, Lead character artist at Hi-Rez Studios.

"The last book has been AMAZING and has really helped me with furthering my understanding of anatomy. I am very excited for the new book and interested in the augmented reality model and how that will look. The only feedback I can say is PLEASE KEEP THESE COMING! The books you are getting out there allow for an expidited understanding of anatomy and forms. I have been making character art for 10 years professionally and have multiple reference statues from areas like, yet in that time I learned 1/3 from the ref statues than from your book, and in a muuuuch shorty time."

Krawiec Andres

In 15 years working as a sculptor in the practical special effects industry for the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, and being self-taught, I've gone through every artist and medical anatomy book ever published in an attempt to get better at sculpture, and gain all the knowledge I never got from an art school. I can honestly say you have created the best book on the subject ever! I find myself looking at breakdowns of certain areas of the face and body and learning new things I just can't believe I never noticed! Little details, that should be obvious, but are not. A truly amazing work!

Steven Ekholm

I am a game developer (character artist for 15 years), and I have a lot of anatomy books. a lot. Your book is really excellent reference, and I think it is one of the best. Thanks for all the hard work to put it together, and for knowing what you are talking about :)

Adolfo Pizarro

I’m a professional 3D Artist and this is my go to book for anatomy. This book is very helpful and it is a power tool for understanding the human muscle structure. It’s visually easy to understand the human form and how it is connected to bones and muscles. I highly recommend Anatomy For Sculptors to anyone as a reference guide to human anatomy. I am gratefully pleased that there is this incredible book and the people behind this project and looking forward for the release of future projects. Amazing book and I love it!


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