Book reviews by Uldis Zarins

Book reviews by Uldis Zarins After years of fruitless searching for a comprehensive visual anatomy book for his students, he decided to create his own handbook with reliable anatomical references for any aspiring artist. Uldis teaches anatomy at the Art Academy of Latvia and is an award-winning traditional sculptor with more than 25 years of […]

Shoulder bony landmarks


Shoulder bony landmarks​ Although the shoulder is made up of only two bones – the clavicle and the scapula – shoulder bony landmarks are numerous. The shoulder’s composition, as well as that of each bone, is not that simple. Shoulder bony landmarks are located both anteriorly and posteriorly. The scapula, in particular, holds many of […]

Best anatomy books for artists

Best anatomy books for artists The best anatomy books for artists explain complex structures through visual language and present information systematically. This is the big difference between finding references on the internet or anatomy textbooks intended for medical students. I’ve compiled a list of the best books on animal and human anatomy for artists in […]

Muscles of the upper limb

Muscles of the upper limb Playlist 2 Videos Deltoid muscle (Part 1) – Upper limb muscle anatomy for artists 14:51 Deltoid muscle (Part 2) – Upper limb muscle anatomy for artists 13:13 What are the upper limb muscles? The muscles of the upper limb can be divided into four different groups: • Shoulder muscles• Arm […]

Bones of the upper limb

Bones of the upper limb Playlist 5 Videos Scapula (the shoulder blade) – the Upper Limb bone anatomy for artists 12:53 Clavicle (collarbone) – the Upper Limb bone anatomy for artists 6:54 Humerus (skeleton of the arm) – the Upper Limb bone anatomy for artists 6:26 Ulna and Radius, and Carpals, Metacarpals, Phalanges – the […]

3D anatomy model lecorche

3D anatomy model – L’écorché combattant An exciting update is coming! Soon, the Anatomy for Sculptors home page will feature a helpful new aid for artists – the 3D viewer! The same as the Human Proportions Calculator, which is already accessible on the website, the 3D viewer will also be available for free. We will go […]

Character design

Character design: How to design a character? Designing a fully realized character from scratch is not an easy task. There is a great difference between modeling yet another anthropomorphic figure and creating the next big character that people will care about and sympathize with. In this blog, we will compare good vs bad character-building practices […]

The elements of art form

The elements of art form: from basic shapes to human body When you analyze the 3D form of the human body, you will notice that its parts can be broken down into smaller elements – basic shapes (think a cone, a cube, a sphere, a cylinder, etc.). All of them can then be rearranged into […]

Anatomy for artists

Anatomy for artists This article will be useful for artists on both sides of the spectrum: those who have a good understanding of anatomy but don’t know how to use it in their sculpting and drawing, as well as those who have mastered figure drawing but do that without any real understanding of anatomy – […]

CGI, 3D modeling and sculpting

CGI, 3D modeling and sculpting CGI is used in many different industries. Visual effects, games, architecture, advertising, and many more utilize CGI technology. This blog will explain what CGI is and introduce the main techniques and software used for 3D modeling and 3D sculpting. What is CGI? CGI is an abbreviation that stands for Computer […]