The elements of art form

the elements of art form

The elements of art form: from basic shapes to human body When you analyze the 3D form of the human body, you will notice that its parts can be broken down into smaller elements – basic shapes (think a cone, a cube, a sphere, a cylinder, etc.). All of them can then be rearranged into […]

Anatomy for artists

bony land marks of male body anatomy for

Anatomy for artists This article will be useful for artists on both sides of the spectrum: those who have a good understanding of anatomy but don’t know how to use it in their sculpting and drawing, as well as those who have mastered figure drawing but do that without any real understanding of anatomy – […]

CGI, 3D modeling and sculpting

article about CGI, 3D modeling and sculpting basic

CGI, 3D modeling and sculpting CGI is used in many different industries. Visual effects, games, architecture, advertising, and many more utilize CGI technology. This blog will explain what CGI is and introduce the main techniques and software used for 3D modeling and 3D sculpting. What is CGI? CGI is an abbreviation that stands for Computer […]

About form of the head and neck book

about form of the head and neck book

Form of the Head and Neck – book content​ You probably already know: the muscle underneath the skin has almost nothing to do with the form of one’s face At the very most, facial muscles are just one of the factors that define the final appearance of the face. Usually, they are responsible for just […]

About Anatomy of Facial Expression book

about anatomy of facial expression book

Anatomy of Facial Expression – book content​ People notice fake emotions. Creating genuine facial expressions requires knowledge that has to be learned. The human face is not only a surface with eyes, mouth, and nose for reading the essential information about the world around us. The Anatomy of Facial Expression book highlights that it’s also our primary […]

About understanding the human figure book

about the anatomy for sculptors understanding the human figure book 2

Understanding the Human Figure – book content​ Creating Human Figure: good composition is half the success When you start working on creating a human figure, the first thing you need to figure out is the composition. In figurative sculpting, this mostly means deciding on the posture and movement, the relationship between the dynamic and static […]

Ecorche video series

anatomy for sculptors ecorche video series

Ecorche video series Écorché is a reference model for any artistic medium. Showing the models muscles and anatomy without the skin. Letting the artist get a better understanding what creates the forms and how to represent them better.  In this series Uldis talks about the importance of Écorché in art and medicine, its history, and […]

Ecorche – muscle and motion

The anatomy class at the-Ecole-des-Beaux-Arts by Francois Salle with ecorche 3D anatomy-model anatomy for sculptors

Ecorche – muscle and motion In this article we will explore a short history of the ecorche as a phenomenon in art. First, we will shortly explain what an écorché is. Afterwards, we will explore the uniqueness of L’écorché combattant among other écorchés of the 18th and 19th centuries. This is a story of a static figure […]