CGI, 3D modeling and sculpting

CGI is an abbreviation that stands for Computer Generated Imagery. It is a broad term that includes 3D modeling, 3D sculpting, animation, particle simulations, rendering, and many other disciplines. It is used in many different industries. Visual effects, games, architecture, advertising, and many more utilize CGI technology.

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Anatomy Of Facial Expression

People can notice fake emotions. So creating a Genuine facial expression takes knowledge that has to be learned. The human face is not only a surface with eyes, a mouth, and a nose through which we read essential information about the world around us, but it is our primary non-verbal communication tool. It is an instrument with the highest precision.

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Form Of The Head And Neck

The muscles of the face, as you’ve probably discovered, have almost nothing to do with the final form of the face. Most of the time, facial muscles do not create the form itself but influence the form change. This book explains not only anatomy but also the relationship between the anatomy and form. Anatomy For Sculptors uses a different approach to information, making it visual and understandable. 

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Understanding the Human Figure

When you start working on a figure, the first thing you need to understand is what the composition will resemble. An excellent composition is half the success. The book is about Surface Anatomy - knowledge of the construction, elements, the form of the human and animal body, and the dynamic relationship between these elements. Our goal is to enrich our artistic message.

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