Understanding The Human Figure

One picture is worth a thousand words!

Congratulations, this is no B.S. free zone!

Visual artists are visual thinkers! So we made human anatomy for artists. They don't want to read magnificent, but boring anatomy textbooks, stuffed with medical level information.

Instead, the author made a book with clear images, that contain only the necessary information needed, to create a realistic human form.
Most pictures in the book are self-explanatory. The text part of this book is only about 2%.

The concept of this book came from co-author Uldis Zarins, a classically trained sculptor, with 20 years of sculpting experience, looking for good visual anatomy book for his students, that would help to explain the forms of the human figure. After years of fruitless searching, Uldis decided to roll up his sleeves and take one for the team. So, he embarked on an epic quest to create a book for solid anatomical reference for any aspiring artist.

Not just for sculptors. 
In addition to the 3D models, there are also photos of live models from various angles and body postures, overlaid with color-coded muscle diagrams. The coverage of the book is completely comprehensive, displaying the human body from head to toe, including a few pages on face anatomy (for the deeper understanding of facial expressions, check out Anatomy of Facial Expressions) 

Guess no more!
The book contains images of various examples of different postures, such as a twisted torso, the movement of arms, etc. This means you don't have to guess anymore how each muscle will look from any angle.

"A secret weapon’’ to making a realistic human form.
What sets apart good classical artists from others? Major factors are the skills and practice of course, but good live models make a huge difference! If you have a good reference, you won’t need a live model anymore. Be inspired, and don’t waste your precious time on the search for images in google, basically, everything you need is in this book!