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Erick Sosa review photo

Erick Sosa

Senior Character Artist

- Marvel’s "What if?"

All I can say about this amazing book and the rest of the series is this: Do yourself a favor, and get these books, I have been in the toys and collectibles industries for three decades, never have I seen a book with better anatomy reference. My understanding was expanded greatly just by perusing through the books. 
These books explain the ever complicated human anatomy in such a simple way that even a child can understand the intricacies of the human body. I literally have all three books sitting on my desk for study and reference. 

This book does a remarkable job helping us understand, see and feel the human anatomy from this perspective. There can’t be an endgame book about shapes and forms but this one should definitely be part of anyone’s early development.

Yuri Alexander​ review photo

Yuri Alexander​

Anatomy for sculptors is the clearest and most comprehensive anatomy reference material that I have seen.

Their topological drawings, anatomy diagrams, and kinesiology examples do a better job of simplifying and breaking down the human body into understandable forms than any other resource available. I use their work as reference to help clarify anatomy on every human I sculpt.

Sr. Staff Character Artist

- Sony Bend

Fábio Pacheco Paiva review photo

Fábio Pacheco Paiva

I think that being able to explore, simplify and express your own and unique perception of the chaos is the holy grail when designing anything, also the hardest and most time-consuming skill to flourish.

This book does a remarkable job helping us understand, see and feel the human anatomy from this perspective. There can’t be an endgame book about shapes and forms but this one should definitely be part of anyone’s early development.

Digital Sculptor

- Weta Workshop

Mariano Steiner review photo

Mariano Steiner

As a sculptor working in the entertainment industry for some years, anatomy is the base of all of it. It’s a tool that allows us to be creative and effective, and create figures that are convincing and appealing.

Obviously, a huge part of it is concentrated in the face. Which makes this book an amazing resource to have in hands. Full of easy to digest texts and great visuals already translated to 3D, I will definitely keep this book within reach on my day to day practices.

I especially love the comparisons between ages and genders. Understanding those nuances can give you the freedom to improvise and stylize, or stay grounded and realistic. As a plus, the physical hardcover copy of the book is gorgeous and beautifully put together, for those like me who still likes to study anatomy with real books.

Senior 3D Character Artist / Digital Sculptor

- SpinVFX

Bernardo Cristovao

Bernardo Cristovao

As a Character Artist focused on stylized art I used to always spend countless hours doing research on body landmarks, how to simplify muscles, and what exactly to simplify, but since Anatomy for Sculptors I just feel like my work got so much easier.

Uldis breaks down and filters all this information in such an approachable and cohesive way that you’re never left wondering, where exactly does the serratus starts and ends, or how does the deltoid or chest muscles react to certain arms rotations – this is all in there, and it’s all clear and visible. You can easily tell Uldis is an artist himself and he knows exactly what you’re looking for.

Senior Character Artist

- Rovio

Tiago Rios

Tiago Rios

The book gives literally hundreds of easy tips for new and experienced sculptors interested in pursuing their anatomy studies but not sure how to begin.

To me, the most helpful section was the head and legs, the head for its complexity and amount of very tiny muscles composing it; the legs for its shapes and silhouette. The book doesn`t only teach you the name of the muscles but more importantly shows you how the muscles interact to form the big forms.

Character Artist

- Santa Monica Studio


Jacob Lind

In our sculpting and 2D courses we are using Anatomy for Sculptors as a reference on a regular basis. I often find myself pointing out illustrations and chapters from the book when explaining functions and proportions of the human body. It covers a wide range of areas that you before had to collect from several different sources. The illustrations are modern and on point, and they simplify areas by blocking them in several stages, which used to be hard to demonstrate.

I highly recommend this book for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced users.

Game Art Educator

- The Game Assembly


Kestutis Rinkevicius

Anatomy for sculptors books are one of the best resources for artists of all levels and disciplines. From basic proportions to advanced facial expressions they have it all. With beautiful and easy-to-understand illustrations, cross-sections, photos, and even 3D scans all compliment each other and help to build in-depth knowledge of the human body.

They are also full of practical examples and formulas that are easy to remember and apply every day in practice. These books stand out above the rest because they not only focus on the 2D representation of the body but they teach you to think in 3D by using constructional examples from primitive shapes and form overprints on 3D scans or photos. 

Going through the pages you can feel the decades of experience and knowledge that the author has put into the pages. The illustrations are clear and easy to understand because all the overwhelming noise is filtered out and only the essential pieces are left and emphasized. Anatomy for sculptors books deserve a spot on every artist’s desk and certainly are not the types of books that will be left collecting dust on the shelf!

Principal Character Artist

- Playground Games


Richard Reyes

As a Character Artist, my job is to create not only believable, but more importantly, relatable characters. This all starts with knowing the human form. Most of the characters we relate with on screen are either humans, or characters that are based in human anatomy. So resources like the Anatomy for Sculptors books are invaluable and indispensable when it comes to creating believable characters.

They have become a staple in my reference board throughout my years as a Character Artist and I love the way they visually break down the anatomy to their basic forms.

They accompany their real life references with images of 3D models as another visual aid to, again, help you understand form. They also have great sections where they show you what happens to the anatomy and how these forms shift if a person moves a certain way. All of this provides me the information I need to create a solid base to build a character up from. And understanding how the human form works, you then can make decisions whether or not you want to break the rules to serve the design of the character better. I highly recommend these books to anyone who is serious about understanding the human form whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist.

Senior Character Artist

- Skybox Lab

Vladimir Silkin

Vladimir Silkin

The books are fantastic and suitable for any artist or sculptor who wants to improve their knowledge of the human body. There are plenty of beautiful illustrated examples of the anatomy, the muscles, and bones.

The books are packed with tips, techniques and 3D sculpted models with schematic lines as examples. This is a fantastic resource for creating believable characters and is definitely worth the money because it’s really helpful. Highly recommended.

Lead 3d Artist

- Plarium

Jason Martin Id software

Jason Martin

The study of anatomy is never truly mastered, it’s a lifelong journey.   Anatomy for Sculptors provides you with the information and tools required to aid you on your quest.  

The approach to this through the sculptor’s eye is unique and second to none.  The clean breakdown of forms and dimensions, as well as the understanding of 3d space, is very practical and easy to digest.  From facial expressions, detailed photos, muscle anatomy, and carefully crafted 3d topology, Anatomy for Sculptors has it all.  It’s an excellent addition to any sculptor’s tool belt.  

I highly recommend these books for individuals of all levels and experience.

Character Art Director

- Id Software

Frederic Daoust profile pic epic games

Frederic Daoust

Anatomy for Sculptors books are my go to references for whenever I’m sculpting a character. 

The books have all the information I need as a sculptor and are super well organized to easily find whatever area of the body I am working on. The way they simplify shapes to help modelers understand them in three dimensions is something I haven’t seen done that well in other anatomy references books and that I find particularly helpful. 

I highly recommend those books to anyone looking to learn anatomy or for any sculptor  to have on hand to quickly find specific anatomy references. 

Senior Character Artist

- Epic Games


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