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We believe that visual information should be the core of any anatomy book made with artists’ needs in mind. With our books and online tools, we strive to make anatomy learning intuitive, widely accessible, and applicable to the everyday work of artists. We rely on 3D models, photos, and color-coding to achieve that and use text only where absolutely necessary.

Uldis Zarins teaches anatomy in the Art Academy of Latvia and is an award-winning sculptor with more than 25 years of experience. In 2015 he started the Anatomy for Sculptors online community.

Being a dyslectic student in the 2000s, he developed a method for translating medical anatomy texts into visual information that he could use while sculpting. With the encouragement of his friends, Uldis created a small Facebook group to share his sketches. It quickly snowballed – in the era of no Facebook ads, the Anatomy for Sculptors community grew to 50 000 people in just a year.

Soon after, Uldis compiled his materials in a book. In spring 2013, he launched a Kickstarter campaign. The fantastic Anatomy for Sculptors community came together and quickly crowdfunded the idea for the book. And that is how Uldis became a published author.

Now the Anatomy for Sculptors handbooks are bestsellers among visual artists striving to understand the human form better.

The author

Uldis Zarins

Uldis Zarins From Anatomy For Sculptors

The brand

Our grassroots community started specifically with the needs of sculptors in mind – hence, the “Sculptors” in Anatomy for Sculptors®. Today we shape the knowledge in an empowering way for all kinds of visual artists. We create content for artists by artists – that is the real focus of our team of 3D and 2D artists who work alongside medical and anatomy experts.

The books

Since 2013 we have published three books in the Anatomy for Sculptors book series: Understanding the Human Figure, Anatomy of Facial Expression, and Form of the Head and Neck. They’re bestsellers among artists, and medical professionals. The success of the books is their heavy focus on accessible visual information instead of dense descriptions.

Even back in the 2000s, we brought together visual artists from many disciplines – traditional sculpture, CGI and 3D art, illustration, painting, and others. Collectively we exchanged tips and tricks about the best ways to depict the human form, and we based these on academic knowledge of human anatomy. Our mission then was to make this information accessible and understandable for everyone, and it remains that way.

Anatomy Next, Inc.

Anatomy for Sculptors® is the artistic branch of Anatomy Next Inc., an ed-tech startup that uses clear and reliable 3D anatomy models to create empowering education tools for artists and medical students.