Form of the Head and Neck

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Face is formed
by more than
just muscles

male and female skull differences form of the head and neck by anatomy for sculptors

Visual artists
are visual thinkers!

There is a chance you have discovered this by now: facial muscles are just one factor that defines the form of one’s face. 

Form of the Head and Neck explains the relationship between the person’s visible appearance and the anatomy beneath it.

From simple
to complex

Visual and image information, including 3D models, photos, and color-coding, is an essential part of all our books, and this one is no exception.

Text where necessary, thus keeping the experience simple, intuitive, and widely accessible.

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Negress by Ilya Repin
Henri Schlesinger Spanish buaty
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epicanthic fild monolid eye form of the head and neck by anatomy for sculptors

Why we look
the way we do

When we use references – live models and photos – we essentially try to copy nature. Yet, the key to success isn’t copying the form but understanding how it is composed.

Form of the Head and Neck will help you learn how to break down the complex organic forms into basic shapes to understand them better. This knowledge gives incredible creative liberty to an artist.

fat pads anatomy for artists retaining ligaments form of the head and neck by anatomy for sculptors
Jan Cossiers Allegory of
Jan Brueghel I Peter Paul Rubens Sight Museo del Prado cut

Face is an ever-changing structure

Which makes modeling or drawing it full of challenges. Faces are rarely static and, besides emotions, other factors make them look different from one another. These factors are:

  • age
  • ethnicity
  • gender
  • body type
  • a little bit of anatomy
detailed shapes of the female neck form of the head and neck by anatomy for sculptors

How the from is created

In most cases, facial muscles are not the ones that define the form of one’s face. This book will help you understand the relationship between the face’s visible appearance and the anatomy beneath it.

Expand your creativity

What exactly makes a person’s face look older or more masculine? Is it the nasolabial fold? Or perhaps it could be the jawline? Form of the Head and Neck answers these questions!

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Jason Martin Id software

Jason Martin

Character Art Director

- Id Software

The approach to this through the sculptor’s eye is unique and second to none.

The clean breakdown of forms and dimensions, as well as the understanding of 3d space, is very practical and easy to digest

Frederic Daoust profile pic epic games

Frederic Daoust

Senior Character Artist

- Epic Games

Anatomy for Sculptors books are my go to references for whenever I’m sculpting a character.

The books have all the information I need as a sculptor and are super well organized to easily find whatever area of the body I am working on…

Erick Sosa review photo

Erick Sosa

Senior Character Artist

- Marvel’s "What if?"

All I can say about this amazing book and the rest of the series is this: Do yourself a favor, and get these books, I have been in the toys and collectibles industries for three decades, never have I seen a book with better anatomy reference…

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