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This bundle contains the whole Anatomy For Sculptors® book series. These anatomy books uses images of many angles, postures, expressions, variations etc. and gives you everything you need to create realistic human figures, facial expressions and head and neck. 

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– Human Figure
– Facial Expression
– Head and neck


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222 pages
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Uldis Zarins
Anatomy For Sculptors ®
Anatomy Next, Inc.

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Customer reviews

- about Understanding the Human Figure

This IS the droid you are looking for!

Buy it. Period. If you’re looking for a definitive anatomy reference tailored to the visual minds of artists, this is it. I’ve gone through many references and none come even close to how well this one is put together. It gets right to the point in a visual art form language that most artists will get the most out of. I was apprehensive at first because of the price but considering how many other references seriously fall short, it’s worth every penny. I suspect it will be used for many moons to come. I wouldn’t hesitate to get it again if I needed to.


This is the best

I have a shelf of books on figure drawing and anatomy. This is the best. Color throughout with the figure shown in drawing, photographs. computer generated overlays and detailed anatomy of muscle and bones. The best part is that there is very little text – just enough to explain the illustrations. This is the go-to book when looking for clarity on an issue with artistic anatomy. Don’t be put off by the price. It is worth every penny.


- about Anatomy of Facial Expression

Extremely educational for anyone who wants to raise their facial expressions game to the next level

my name is Stjepan Sejic. i’m a comic creator who has for years been known for my ability to write and draw characters that feel invested in their own surroundings. a bit part of that is the nuanced language of facial expressions. while i was predominantly self taught there was still a desire to get my hands on a good book that explains what is happening under the skin.

a book that would help me decipher this riddle of emotions expressed through miniscule muscle movements. this is the book i was looking for my whole life. i highly recommend it to anyone interested in animation and comics as both those fields require often a knowledge of anatomy that abandons overreliance on reference photos and requires actual understanding of anatomy in motion suffice to say, this is a five star review and i’d give it a ten if i could! kudos!

Stjepan Sejic

Just wow!

I started sculpting a few months ago and I love books, so obviously I bought every book on the planet, some were good, most were ok. What I rarely found were the views from all the sides. I mean what does it help you to see a smile but you don’t know what happens from side view-ears, cheeks, etc. This book shows it all, just wow. I am a visual type and every page is a visual. Amazing. I can’t wait to sculpt every facial expression. Definitely want to get the other book too.


- about Form of the Head and Neck

Best Head and Neck Sculpting Book EVER!!!

If you love to sculpture as I do, I don’t think you will ever find a better book to build your sculpting skills for more realistic pieces.


Learn highly detailed information

A great resource for any artist working with the human head.

Betty L.