Frequently asked questions

Some of you have asked us when the Arm and Hand in Motion release is planned. Our current plan for the book’s release is Q1 of 2025, but it may change.

On our Kickstarter project page, we mentioned that making content and books about previously unexplored topics sometimes requires more profound research than we initially thought. We want to get it right and find the best ways to represent our topics visually.

Sometimes, it’s nearly impossible to plan these things. We can only make the book’s visuals when we’ve researched, sculpted, and created the 3D models. It’s a step-by-step process that can happen only when the previous steps are fulfilled.

We have always chosen quality over quantity; thus, we want to release the product when we think it has reached our quality standards.

Yes, we ship all over the world. Shipping costs are added at checkout, and they are based on the shipping method you chose. The shipping costs are calculated automatically based on your location compared to ours. We send our packages from Latvia/Europe.

Our standard shipping method is using the global mailing system. It is the cheapest method available almost anywhere in the world. But it is also by far the slowest method when compared to other shipping options. The book delivery will take from 30 days (Europe / America) up to 60 days (rest of the world).

Express shipping method is provided by private logistics companies that offer deliveries within 7 to 14 days. This way, the books get delivered directly to your hands.

All the prices on our website are displayed in USD, as it’s the most widely used currency internationally and our webpage is the same regardless of our clients’ location.

We ship our books from our warehouses in the EU and the US, meaning there are no import fees for customers in the EU and the US. For customers in the rest of the world, import fees may apply if your country’s legislation requires them. We do not cover these fees, and it’s the customer’s responsibility.

No, we don’t sell or share the assets used to create online content and books for the community.

Some users have experienced an issue where they can’t see 3D Viewer Premium content even with an active subscription. Most users encountering this problem solved it just by logging out and back into their Anatomy For Sculptors account.

Our books are made for every kind of visual artist. Anatomy for Sculptors book series are used as handbooks in the everyday work of artists from many disciplines – traditional sculpture, CGI and 3D art, illustration, painting, and others.

Our community started specifically with the needs of sculptors in mind, but it instantly expanded. We create content for artists by artists. The success of our books is their heavy focus on accessible visual information instead of dense descriptions. That makes them more useful for visual artists when compared with traditional anatomy textbooks.

No, PDFs and printed books are two different products. They need to be purchased separately.

If you have any other questions, use the “Contact us” page or write an email to We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!