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Our new 3D Reference tool

3D Reference Tool is much more than just a library of scans. Here, you will find 3D anatomy references – block-outs, anatomy models, and realistic assets – to help you understand and create realistic human anatomy.

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butt anatomy muscles and fat by anatomy for sculptors

Butt anatomy: muscles and fat

Butt anatomy is a challenging subject for many artists. First of all, humans are the only animals with abundant butt fat. And the butt has the Gluteus maximus – the biggest muscle in the entire human body.

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good character design distinct game character silhouette

Character design

There is a great difference between modeling yet another anthropomorphic figure and creating the next big character that people will care about and sympathize with.

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the elements of art form

The elements of art form

You will find out more about the benefits of using basic shapes in your art and learn how to make them work in your favor. We will also explore how to create 3D shapes of muscles and their anatomy.

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