Book reviews by Uldis Zarins


After years of fruitless searching for a comprehensive visual anatomy book for his students, he decided to create his own handbook with reliable anatomical references for any aspiring artist.

Uldis teaches anatomy at the Art Academy of Latvia and is an award-winning traditional sculptor with more than 25 years of experience. In these videos he goes through all his books and talks about their ideas.

Understanding the Human Figure

Visual artists are visual thinkers! Instead of medical anatomy textbooks overstuffed with information, you finally have an anatomy book made for artists! Understanding the Human Figure uses images and gives you everything you need to create realistic human body forms – from head to toe.

Anatomy of Facial Expression

Often the most challenging area of human anatomy to master. Since people intuitively recognize badly faked expressions. Anatomy of Facial Expression teaches all the primary facial anatomy and muscles. And the movement and collaboration of them to create realistic expressions.

Form of the Head and Neck

There is a chance you have discovered this by now: facial muscles are just one factor that defines the form of one’s face. Form of the Head and Neck explains the relationship between the person’s visible appearance and the anatomy beneath it. create realistic expressions.

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