Muscles of the upper limb

What are the upper limb muscles?

The muscles of the upper limb can be divided into four different groups:

• Shoulder muscles
• Arm muscles
• Forearm muscles
• Hand muscles

We use the info, and knowledge gained from our previous upper-limb bones videos and start to create the hand, understanding how the muscles and bones interact. Deltoid muscles can be divided into – front part (anterior), middle part (lateral), back part (posterior). Looking in-depth of each of these parts and their actions.

Form of the deltoid muscle. Between clavicle and the pectoralis major and deltoid, creating the always visible deltopectoral triangle. We can use this spot as a reference point to where the deltoid muscle begins. Looking into the creation of these forms and the shoulder muscle ends—understanding how the bones and muscles impact the forms seen in surface anatomy.

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