Arm and Hand in Motion is live on Kickstarter

We’re excited to tell you that Arm and Hand in Motion is now live and available for backing on Kickstarter! As the project backer, you will be one of the first people to get your hands on our latest book in the series. Learn more about the book on our Kickstarter project page!

Go to the Kickstarter project here!

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Arm and Hand in Motion is live on Kickstarter

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Become a backer!

As a backer, there are 10 pledge tiers for you to choose from! You can get Arm and Hand in Motion in all the book formats we usually offer: a digital PDF eBook, a lightweight paperback, or a premium hardcover.

Click the picture to check out the backer rewards!

You can also get a variety of bundles that either combine physical and digital book formats or include Arm and Hand in Motion with the other three A4S titles. Plus, you get a 3D Viewer subscription with all rewards!

We’re an experienced independent publishing company, and community support means a lot to us! Crowdfunding for this book will keep us free to decide what kind of content we make and let us work extra to create more quality tools for you.

Early pledges are very important to us because they improve the campaign’s health and make the project more likely to succeed!

Campaign’s first day

At the time of writing this blog entry, the first 24 hours of the campaign have passed, and we’ve already collected 73% of the necessary funds for the project to be a success! The health of the campaign is good, and we’re already starting to think about the stretch goals. If you have any ideas of what you’d like to see in the stretch goals list, drop us a line on any of our social media.

We’re very excited and grateful to the Anatomy For Sculptors community – it wouldn’t be possible without you. From you giving us feedback and improving our content to actually pledging your money and trusting us with this project – we couldn’t wish for more amazing people around us! Thank you all!

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