Understanding the Human Figure

Visual artists are visual thinkers! So we made human anatomy for artists. "A secret weapon’’ to making a realistic human form.

The book contains images of various examples of different postures, such as a twisted torso, the movement of arms etc. This means you don't have to guess anymore how each muscle will look from any angle.


Anatomy of Facial Expression

Facial anatomy for artists requires a different approach. Visual artists need visual material to understand the way to create. The book is fully visual and contains only about 5% text. 

3D renders of facial muscles overlaid onto photographs, photogrammetry scans, not only on neutral but also expressed faces. 


Book Versions


Printed books have always been our main product. A psychical sculpting book that you can have by your side at any moment. Add additional information and make key notes, which to use later. Use the base book and add additional formation based on your needs. Available in paperback and hardcover!

PDF (e-book)

A PDF is a completely different product. Anatomy for artists is an essential item, there are many details that have to be done right. You can use the PDF or e-book version in any of your devices. You can have this version with you in any given time, since it doesn't need an internet connection.

We got funded thanks to our community! Form of the Head and Neck - Coming 2020

Muscles of the face, as you probably discovered, has almost nothing to do with the final form of the face.

The key to success isn’t found in only copying nature but most importantly – understanding it. If you understand the actual form and how it’s created, it gives you, as an artist, a lot of creative freedom.



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Anatomy for artists

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