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We print all our paperbacks and hardcovers in Riga, Latvia. Since the books are heavily illustrated, we take extra care choosing durable, high-quality paper and the most vibrant, expressive colors.


We ship our books worldwide with standard and express delivery options. The customer chooses the most suitable method, and our logistics partners make sure the books get delivered safely and on time.


We update our website, social media accounts, and online platforms regularly. By bringing the best online content to the art community, we let people learn more about our books.

It’s reward-based marketing. We give a certain percentage of the earnings made through book sales back to the person who made it happen. We support you by taking care of all the rest – the logistics, online platforms, website, content, etc.

Many teachers and artists from the Anatomy for Sculptors community asked for a way to represent our books. We looked into it, and this seemed like the best way to do it.

We send you links and some assets to use on your website or other platforms. When someone purchases a book through one of your links, you get a certain percentage of earnings from the sale. Then we do the rest of it – printing, packaging, shipping, etc.

After filling out the from, we evaltue your information. And if everything seems good, we will send you a personalized link, a document and assets to use for your website or other platform. 

Fill out the form at the top of this page and make sure the information you’ve entered is correct and truthful. We want to make sure that the links and assets get sent to a member of the our community.

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