Frequently asked questions

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship all over the world. Shipping costs will apply and are added at checkout based on the shipping way you chose. The shipping costs are calculated automatically based on your location compared to ours. We send from - Latvia/Europe. 

Standard shipping?

It's the global mailing system. Even thou it's the cheapest due to being available almost anywhere in the world. Mailings' inner system is far slower then privates ones. The book delivery will take from 30 days (Europe / America) up to 60 days.

Express shipping?

It's a private logistics company that provides the option to deliver the book in 7 to 14 days, directly into your hands.

Is the book for artists or only sculptors? 

Anatomy For Sculptors is our brand. We create books on anatomy for artists. 

"Sculpting" in a more broad sense - create a realistic human using any artistic platform that you use. CGI arts and 3d modeling, digital sculpting, or traditional sculpting are the most frequent users of our books. Even thou it all started for sculptors. Still, as time went by, many animators, painters, illustrators, designers, tattoo artists, even anatomy and medical experts, etc., have expressed how useful are these books are for them. These are books and content for visual thinkers. 

Do you gain a PDF version with the purchase of Paperback or Hardcover?

No. PDFs and printed books are too different products and need to be purchased separately.

If you have additional question

You can use the "Contact Us" page or write an e-mail to -