About Us

Anatomy For Sculptors began as an open source platform for artists from many disciplines- sculptors, illustrators, 3D artists, painters, designers- to learn secrets of expressing the human form based in academic knowledge of classic human anatomy. Our mission was to make this information accessible and understandable for everyone.

Over the last 4 years, we have published two books- Anatomy for Sculptors and Anatomy of Facial Expression- with the help of a professional photographer, models, editor, and graphic designer. Using dozens of books and countless online resources as a reference in combination with licensed anatomical photographs, we created hundreds of illustrations visualizing the human body and its features.

The more people we have met along the way- other sculptors, anatomy experts, CG artists, designers and even physicians- the more people have told us that the book makes an amazing resource not only for classical artists and sculptors but also for medical students, makeup artists, massage therapists, bodybuilders, illustrators, stone carvers, prosthetic designers, educators, engineers and many more.