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Visual artists are visual thinkers.

Visual and image information is the core of all our books. To keep the experience intuitive and widely accessible, we rely on 3D models, photos, and color-coding. We only use text where absolutely necessary.

Our grassroots community started specifically with the needs of sculptors in mind. Today we shape the knowledge in an empowering way for all kinds of visual artists. We create content for artists by artists – that is the real focus of our team of 3D and 2D artists who work alongside medical and anatomy experts.

About the author

Uldis Zarins teaches anatomy in the Art Academy of Latvia and is an award-winning sculptor with more than 25 years of experience. In 2015 he started the Anatomy for Sculptors online community.

Being a dyslectic student in the 2000s, he developed a method for translating medical anatomy texts into visual information that he could use while sculpting. All the anatomy books for artists at the time were text-centered, and his reference sketches soon became popular among colleagues – it became clear that visual artists soak up information best when it’s visual. For the purpose of sharing his sketches, Uldis created a small Facebook group which quickly snowballed – in the era of no Facebook ads the Anatomy for Sculptors community grew to 50 000 people in just a year.

The group members encouraged Uldis to compile his materials in a book. In spring 2013, he launched a Kickstarter campaign, and the amazing Anatomy for Sculptors community came together and quickly crowdfunded the idea for the book. A team of artists, 3D designers, anatomy experts, and medical specialists joined Uldis to create content and precise renders of anatomy models. And that is how Uldis became a published author.

Now the Anatomy for Sculptors handbooks are bestsellers among visual artists striving to better understand the human form.

About Anatomy For Sculptors 

Anatomy For Sculptors began as an open-source platform for artists from many disciplines- sculptors, CGI and 3D artists, illustrators, painters, designers - to learn secrets of expressing the human form based on academic knowledge of classic human anatomy. Our mission was to make this information accessible and understandable for everyone.

Over the last six years, we have published three books - Understanding the Human Figure, Anatomy of Facial Expression and Form of the Head and Neck - with a professional medics, photographer, models, editor, and graphic designer. Using dozens of books and countless online resources as a reference in combination with licensed anatomical photographs, we created hundreds of illustrations visualizing the human body and its features.

The more people we have met along the way - other sculptors, anatomy experts, CG artists, animators, 2D artists and illustrators, designers, tattoo artists, physicians, even plastic surgeons and more!  It's a journey and we learn a lot form these diverse professions telling us that the book makes a fantastic resource. Letting us upgrade and create even more, so that they find their place in a visual thinkers world.

About Anatomy Next, Inc.

Anatomy for Sculptors is the artistic branch of Anatomy Next Inc., an ed-tech startup that uses clear and reliable 3D anatomy models to create empowering education tools for artists and medical students.