Understanding the Human Figure

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Made with artists in mind

Visual artists are visual thinkers! This anatomy book uses images and gives you everything you need to create realistic human body forms – from head to toe. Instead of medical anatomy textbooks overstuffed with information, you finally have an anatomy book made for artists!

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222 pages
Uldis Zarins

Anatomy For Sculptors ®
Anatomy Next, Inc.
(1st January, 2014)
3rd Edition

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Customer reviews

This IS the droid you are looking for!

Buy it. Period. If you’re looking for a definitive anatomy reference tailored to the visual minds of artists, this is it. I’ve gone through many references and none come even close to how well this one is put together. It gets right to the point in a visual art form language that most artists will get the most out of. I was apprehensive at first because of the price but considering how many other references seriously fall short, it’s worth every penny. I suspect it will be used for many moons to come. I wouldn’t hesitate to get it again if I needed to.


This is the best

I have a shelf of books on figure drawing and anatomy. This is the best. Color throughout with the figure shown in drawing, photographs. computer generated overlays and detailed anatomy of muscle and bones. The best part is that there is very little text – just enough to explain the illustrations. This is the go-to book when looking for clarity on an issue with artistic anatomy. Don’t be put off by the price. It is worth every penny.


Great book for ALL artists, not just sculptors

This book is brilliantly designed. The authors do an amazing job of breaking down the human form into simplistic shapes, and then building on those shapes into the more complex forms. Previously, I’d bought a lot of medical anatomy books, but those mostly use photographs and are hard to distinguish the muscles. And they seem hell-bent on identification rather than motion of parts. Conversely, anatomy books I got for artists relied on illustrations instead of photographs.

So I found I was limited to the skill and focus of the artist who illustrated the book, instead of being able to form my own focus. But this book combines all of the views… it has photographs with graph overlays so you can see the depth of the shapes, and color variations to distinguish or chunk the muscles.  Honestly, best anatomy book I’ve ever had and an amazing lesson on outstanding Instructional Design or design in general. I was worried about the price, but I’ve been really pleased with this purchase.


Is it worth it?

I like that the book is straight to the point. The colors used in the illustrations are easy on the eyes. You get an A+ for that. I like that it uses 3D scans instead of boring pictures of statues. There are also illustrations with nudity that I wish I could have shared because they give perfect examples in drawings showing how weight and mass distribution works.

Now..In MY opinion. Is the book expensive? Yes. For that price I would’ve been happy if it was a hard cover. Do I regret paying that much for it? No. It’s straight to the point. Every single page is interesting. Would I recommend it? Absolutely.

Frank R.