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Anatomy of Facial Expression - Hardcover

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With our second book, we are redefining the anatomy of the human face, often the most difficult area of human anatomy to understand.

Hardcover books are rigged with additional protective covers. Gaining longer durability for the book.


Anatomy for artists requires a different approach

Visual artists need visual material to understand the way to create. The book is fully visual and contains only about 5% text. 

It includes 3D renders of facial muscles overlaid onto photographs, photogrammetry scans, not only on neutral but also expressed faces.  The book contains pictures of actual people, the 3D skull structures.

All the muscle groups are carefully differentiated from one another and labeled. The images and text also explain how muscles work and how they affect the surface forms of the face.

What you will learn:

- Detailed information about facial muscles (anatomy and physiology)

- How facial muscles function and affect the shape of the face

- Main gender, age and ethnicity differences.

- How bony structures related to the soft tissue, main landmarks of the face.

Facial fat compartments, connective tissue

- The topography of the face and skull

Those of you that have also studied Nonverbal communication and FACS (Facial Action Coding System by Paul Ekman) may find this book very useful. The book has a lot of visual materials and lists the designated FACS codes for quick reference.

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Are you interested in finding out more about the content in the book? Press HERE. The author describes how and why it's essential to learn and understand the anatomy of facial expressions. In creating realistic emotions.