Understanding the Human Figure

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Everything you need to create realistic human form

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Visual artists
are visual thinkers!

Anatomy For Sculptors: Understanding the Human Figure uses images and gives you everything you need to create realistic human body forms – from head to toe.

Instead of medical anatomy textbooks overstuffed with information, you finally have an anatomy book made for artists!


Understanding the Human Figure combines 3D models of the human body with photos of live models in various body postures.

We use color-code overlays with muscle diagrams to help you understand the human body from multiple angles.

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The anatomy class at the Ecole des Beaux Arts by Francois Salle with ecorche 3D anatomy model anatomy for
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Learning how to understand anatomy

Internet doesn’t have it all. Finding the exact online reference materials you need may turn out to be more difficult than you thought – this leads you to improvise.

Improvisation without a real understanding of the human figure brings frustrations and often results in anatomically awkward imperfections.

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Apelles painting campaspe Willem van Heacht

A live model

Becoming a masterful visual artist required you put in long hours of practice to hone your skills. A reliable anatomy references can be an excellent substitute for the live model – as long as they really are good!

Understanding the Human Figure has every reference you’ll need rendered in highest quality.

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Postures and motions

The book contains visual references for hundreds of body postures and motions. These include a twisted torso, abduction, and adduction of arms and many more.

No more guessing!

Gain the understanding of the human figure and its motions with the help of this book! Soon, instead of just copying nature, you will understand it and improve your artwork.

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Jason Martin Id software

Jason Martin

Character Art Director

- Id Software

The approach to this through the sculptor’s eye is unique and second to none.

The clean breakdown of forms and dimensions, as well as the understanding of 3d space, is very practical and easy to digest

Frederic Daoust profile pic epic games

Frederic Daoust

Senior Character Artist

- Epic Games

Anatomy for Sculptors books are my go to references for whenever I’m sculpting a character.

The books have all the information I need as a sculptor and are super well organized to easily find whatever area of the body I am working on…

Erick Sosa review photo

Erick Sosa

Senior Character Artist

- Marvel’s "What if?"

All I can say about this amazing book and the rest of the series is this: Do yourself a favor, and get these books, I have been in the toys and collectibles industries for three decades, never have I seen a book with better anatomy reference…

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