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books containing live and 3D model images in various angles, postures and expressions, overlaid color-coded diagrams, form describing grids and more!

Anatomy For Sculptors book series

Understanding the Human Figure

This anatomy book for artists has everything you need to create realistic forms of the human body – from head to toe

Anatomy of Facial Expression

Don't just read about it when you can see it! The visual approach of this book makes it much easier to understand and create facial expressions

Form of the Head and Neck

Discover the relationship between the visible appearance and the anatomy beneath it. Muscles are just one aspect that forms the face

with our books
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Resources for studying anatomy

path homepage

Explore the models on our 3D viewer and find the angle you were looking for!

Human Proportions Calculator. Find the correct body proportions for your character.

Ideas and topics on anatomy and art we’d like to explore with you – on our blog.

Anatomy tutorials for artists. Explore the human body from head to toe.